Institutional Image


It is based on the idea of selecting the best. It is a «Symbol» of easy identification and movement in blue color. The connotation of the blue color is: infinity, freshness, integrity, stability, formality, respect and majesty.

The color blue has a calming effect for the mind. Using the blue in the logos transmits the maturity and wisdom of the institution.

It also reflects a dynamic, innovative, clean and constantly evolving image; emphasizing the desire to be pioneers in education for work and for life.
The stylized «i» that takes human form, referring to the main resource available to the Institution and to which its services are directed.

The symbol of the person is the graphic element that best connotes the training work carried out by INTECAP for the following reasons:
– A worthy person, standing, growing, advancing, producing
– It is in the front, so that anyone identifies with it and feels part of it.
– Sends a clear, direct and simple universal message and its impact is immediate


Thanks to the poet Alvaro Herrera Aceña, who worked at INTECAP, the lyrics of the Hymn of INTECAP are available, whose music was composed in 2000 by the Master, Physician and Psychiatrist Felipe de Jesús Ortega Iriarte.



INTECAP en tu nombre se encierra
de la patria feliz porvenir,
porque enseñas a amar a nuestra tierra
con entera lealtad al servir

Tus talleres y técnicos cursos
hoy preparan al trabajador
y enalteces humanos recursos
con la meta de un mundo mejor.

Surgirá nuestro anhelo profundo
de forjar una patria sin par,
donde sea el trabajo fecundo
una piedra angular de su altar.

INTECAP tu le enseñas al hombre
a vivir con afán de vencer,
al fundir el honor de tu nombre
con entrega y amor al deber.


Our flag has 3 colors, which have a meaning, as explained in the graph: