Mission and Vision


Train and certify workers and people to join the labor market, as well as provide technical and technological assistance in all economic activities, to contribute to the competitiveness and development of the country.


To be recognized as the leading institution and model in the effectiveness of our services, which constantly seek excellence.


These are the foundations that guide the way of acting of INTECAP members. To achieve the vision and mission, these values will be interpreted as follows:

National identity:

With pride for our country, in INTECAP we work with faith and conviction to enlarge and develop Guatemala and its inhabitants. Personally and socially we defend and exalt our national identity.


We value the human talent that generates original, creative and successful solutions. We overcome the ordinary and we are a model, making a positive difference in quality. We are permanent meeting requests and we are ahead of any need.


Commitment in INTECAP is a mission to achieve with superior results to those expected. Applying the institutional values and satisfaction of quality, punctuality, responsibility, ethics, communication, teamwork and productivity, we provide welfare to people, companies and our country Guatemala.


We act fairly and correctly doing good. All service, attention and work is of respect to people, laws and regulations. With ethics and authenticity, we carry out our work in an honest and exemplary manner.


Improve day by day our training services, technical assistance and labor certification to increase productivity, applying institutional values, current legal framework, risk management, policies and strategic objectives to meet the requirements of related sponsors.