About Us

INTECAP is a leader Guatemalan Institution in technical training for young people and adults who want to transform their lives, be competitive in a company, start their own business or simply update their knowledge and certify it to achieve their own dreams and build a better life.

For more than 49 years, it has been promoting the development of human talent and national productivity by the State’s designation and with the contribution of the private sector.

The purpose of INTECAP is to help increase companies’ production with a minimum of time and cost, surpassing the quality of the products they offer. INTECAP also offers technical advisory services in which any company can contact us and request our support in various areas with the aim of improving productivity.

INTECAP has a Quality Management System certified with Norm ISO 9001: 2015, which strengthens it as a quality entity, very appropriate for globalization and international requirements. INTECAP´s actions, training products and technical assistance are recognized worldwide.

It has 28 Training Centers, 5 Departmental Divisions, 5 Departments of Business Services, more than 70 specialties and the Distance Learning Unit (FAD) to develop quality training in the three productive sectors of the country: agriculture, industry, trade and services, using the tools of the 21st Century, and with adequate infrastructure, equipment, machinery, technology and methodologies.